Spring til indhold

Work in Denmark

Denmark offers interesting opportunities within a range of sectors. This site will help you orientate on the Danish labour market.

Denmark is a long established member of EU and have a unique and internationally reknown labour market. A labour market where employers and trade unions cooperate to ensure the interest of both parties and where legislators do not have to intervene to ensure attractive working conditions and interesting remuneration schemes.

Foreign employees are given the same rights and priviliges as Danish employees. This means for instance that you after only 3 months working in Denmark are entitled to use the Danish health system and can go to doctors and hospitals free of charge.

The Danish labour market is open for foreigners and on the website www.workindenmark.dk you can in more languages consult the opportunities and get advice on working and residence issues.

The Danish Embassy in Brussels welcome any questions you might have in this connection.


Uta von Fintel
02 233 09 19