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Ny online ansøgningsproces ved visumansøgning til Danmark

Temporary suspension of reception of visa applications
Due to the current restrictions on entry into Denmark, it is temporarily not possible to apply for a visa to Denmark. This means that applicants cannot fill in an application online or hand in the application at a Visa Application Center (VFS). In urgent cases where an applicant has to travel to Denmark before 31 August and has a worthy purpose for entering Denmark, the applicant can contact the Danish. Applications for business visas can be handed in 6 months prior to the planned trip. Read more about what constitutes a worthy purpose at the website of the Danish Police.

Please be aware of special measures implemented due to the Corona virus/COVID-19 and entry restrictions to Denmark : here

The Danish Government has implemented extensive restrictions on entry to Denmark due to the Corona virus/COVID-19. These restrictions mean that you must expect to be rejected at the Danish borders even with a valid visa.

The only exceptions are foreign travelers who have a valid visa AND a worthy purpose for entering. Worthy purposes include travelers who are either parents or primary caretakers (e.g. foster parents) of minors residing in Denmark, visits to critically ill family members, persons who are in the process of a medical treatment in Denmark, persons who are attending a funeral in Denmark, and persons who will be part of a court case in Denmark.

Ordinary tourist visits, family visits and business travel are not considered worthy travel purposes. Case processing times may be extended. For more information please visit the website for information from the Danish authorities: https://politi.dk/coronavirus-i-danmark/in-english.

14 March

Fra den 1. juli 2019 skal alle visumansøgere, der søger om visum til Danmark, ansøge om og betale for deres visumansøgning via Udenrigsministeriets hjemmeside applyvisa.um.dk   

Besøg Udenrigsministeriets hjemmeside applyvisa.um.dk for information om ansøgning og betaling.

Se venligst nedenstående tekst på engelsk:



"NEW ONLINE VISA APPLICATION: From the 1st of July 2019, you should fill in your visa application and pay the application fee online using https://applyvisa.um.dk/.

After you have applied and paid the visa fee online, you must print and sign the cover letter from ApplyVisa and hand in supporting documents and supply biometrics at the Visa Application Centre https://belgien.um.dk/



“From 1 July 2019, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark including all Danish diplomatic missions are introducing online payment of the embassy fee for residence or work permit.

The embassy fee should be paid online using this link https://dys.um.dk/permit/

The receipt for the payment should be submitted at the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS) when you hand in your passport, relevant documentation and supply biometrics. Please note that in R/W permit cases there are three fees to be paid.

1) The fee to either The Danish Immigration Service or The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI),

2) the fee to the Danish embassy (using the link https://dys.um.dk/permit/) and

3) the fee to the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS).”
Not relevant for applications introduced to the Embassy of Denmark in Brussels.