Spring til indhold

Dansk genåbning / Travelling to Denmark for business

If you are travelling to Denmark for business and do not have permanent residence in Denmark, we encourage you to organise your business travel and meetings in Denmark in a way that minimises the risk of becoming infected or spreading infection with novel coronavirus/COVID-19. Please follow the 5 general advice from the Danish Health Authourity. We do not advise business travellers without permanent residence in Denmark to self-isolate for 14 days after arrival.


Business travellers who enter Denmark as part of their jobs for the purpose of participating in meetings etc. are deemed to have a worthy purpose of entering Denmark if such meetings etc. cannot be postponed or held without their physical presence.
Business travellers must show proof, such as an email, of the working relationship and of the time and place of the meeting/work. The proof must include the reason why it is not possible in practice to postpone the meeting or have a virtual meeting. Further, the foreigner must be able to present the contact details of a relevant contact person of the meeting/work in Denmark, who can confirm the information provided by the foreigner.

Source: https://politi.dk/en/coronavirus-in-denmark/if-you-are-travelling-to-and-from-denmark

Retningslinjer for erhvervsrejsende: https://um.dk/~/media/um/danish-site/documents/nyheder/retningslinjer_erhvervsrejsende.pdf?la=da

Rejseråd for erhvervsrejser: https://um.dk/da/rejse-og-ophold/rejse-til-udlandet/rejseraad-til-erhvervsrejser/