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Cycling-Without-Age - now in Wetteren!

15.06.2017  15:48

Cycling Without Age is coming to more and more Belgian cities. So far, chapters have opened in Antwerpen, Deinze, Leuven, Thurnhout and Zemst – and now Wetteren has joined in.

Thus, the Ambassador participated in the opening of Cycling-Without-Age in Wetteren on 11 June where senior citizens from WZC “Schelderust” were given bicycle rides in the Cycling-Without-Age trishaw by volunteer pilots from the cycling club WTC Lambroek. Under the Cycling-Without-Age motto “Everyone holds the right to wind in the hair” the project was extremely well received by test-drivers and pilots. Many happy smiles on a sunny afternoon!

The Cycling-Without-Age movement was started in Copenhagen by Danish founder Ole Kassow in 2012 and now includes more than 250 chapters in 29 countries. The aim is to break down the barriers to mobility and activity that many senior citizens face and build bridges between generations. Volunteers (pilots) sign up for bike rides with the elderly through a simple booking system; It’s all driven by people’s own motivation.

Read much more about the cycling-without-age project on http://cyclingwithoutage.org/ and “Why you should take a senior on a bike ride” http://ideas.ted.com/why-you-should-take-a-senior-on-a-bik…/