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JA Europe Company of the Year

14.07.2017  10:21

After winning the Danish championship in entrepreneurship, four Danish students had the opportunity to present their project, Demenish, for the rest of Europe at JA Europe Company of the Year in Brussels 11.-13. July 2017. The Ambassador was there to support the hopeful young Danish entrepreneurs.
At the event, more than 200 students from 35 countries competed and celebrated top minicompanies from across Europe. Alexander from the Danish student-...company “Subreader” (http://subreader.dk/), the winner of last year’s European competition, gave an inspiring presentation.
Demenish is using tablet games to enhance cognitive stimulation and fight dementia. They call their product BrainTab (http://demenish.dk/). The team had great success at the event and were extremely busy, giving interviews and explaining visitors about BrainTab.
At the award ceremony, the four Danish students even won the award; AT&T’s Excellence in IT. Congratulations! Hopefully, their great performance will inspire other new young entrepreneurs.